by Olga Malinovskaya

To me, Christmas time is not only a joyful period when we look forward to a well-deserved holiday leave and merrymaking. As a head project manager of a SME in a highly competitive market, I must also look back and acknowledge this year’s achievements, efforts, goals reached and those which still flicker on the horizon. While doing so I feel proud of my team and my tired self for all the work well done.

The passing year 2018 brought us new contracts, 14 in total, which is not bad for a small boutique company. We had two excellent professionals joining our team and persevering through busy times. And what is also worth mentioning is that we have introduced a few optimizations of information processing tools in dealing with our Account Management: an electronic portal for parents that offers up to date information on our students, a video channel on the website that explains in details our services.

The automated library catalogue allowed us to expand it in terms of the important methodology literature for tutors, as well as adolescent best reads in English for our rapidly growing and successful little clients.

Least but not last, I must mention our new partnership with a British testing service that would enable our Moscow-based clients pass entrance exams without travelling far away and in a very comfortable setting. This will ensure that the students take exams without being jet-legged and without much stress from being a radically new environment in the UK. We thus became the first and only, so far, to offer common entrance tests +11 and +13 here central Moscow. Moreover, we now are chipping away at the most effective methodology to prepare our Russian students for these highly competitive UK entry exams. Such exams have very little to do with the Cambridge English Certificate, IELTS – thr tests which are useful mostly for visa purposes but do not allow one to compete against British aspirants to schools such as Eton, Winchester, or Charterhouse. This new development is along the lines of the company’s philosophy of “quality over quantity” - to offer the best service possible to a few selected clients.

It is worth mentioning that during this year we have had a chance to reinforce this policy of clients’ selection – the luxury not many companies can afford. This is our true competitive edge, I believe, that differentiates us greatly from our competitors. We tend to communicate closely with our clients to ensure that we see eye to eye and set the highest targets for our charges. Hence the new motto was born in 2018: “Get Along to Get Ahead!”  Thus, well equipped, organized, and with a stronger sense of identity, the Oxbridge Trinity Partners is ready for 2019.